Samurai 1550-1615 Range:  Page 1  Page 2  This 28mm range covers all the major unit
types for recreating battles of the Sengoku-Jidai period.  Mounted Samurai horse archers,
mantlets and musicians are just some of the units represented by these excellent sculpts.  
New units will be added over time.  Excellent detail makes these a joy to paint!

Gladiators of the Roman Coliseum Range:  Page 1  This is the start of a new range of
28mm pewter gladiators.  

Transfers:  Two sizes of water slide transfers have been added to our stock.  These high
quality transfers are made by Veni Vidi Vici.  The 15mm range can be used on sashimono
and the 25mm designs are useful for large banners.

Books / Movies:  Note these books/movies are sold by and not by
Kingsford Miniatures.  We have used many of these books and movies for designing and
painting our figures and in recreating famous Japanese battles.
Lone Wolf and Cub SA-039